Saturday Social Rides

If you're thinking of joining us the Saturday Social rides are a great introduction to the Club.  We would encourage you to try a Saturday Social ride first as they are a great way to experience riding in a group if you haven't done so before. 

The emphasis is very much on the social aspects of riding.  We always have several options with routes from 10 to 25 miles and the ride leaders will always set the speed to suit the group.  We generally stick to quiet roads and lanes to avoid busy traffic as much as possible.  These are what we call non-drop rides so no-one gets left behind and you can't get lost.

 And if 10 miles sounds like a long way at first you'd be surprised how quickly the miles go by when you're able to ride with others and have a chat.  Two 5 mile rides with a break in the middle for coffee and cake is probably easier than you think if you're just starting out.

 We meet outside The Cricketers at the northerly end of Horsell High Street on a Saturday morning ready to start our rides at 09:30.  You are welcome to come along and try a couple of rides before you decide to join up.  But please contact us first so that we know you're coming and we can have a chat. 

Rides are always weather dependent.  We don't ride if it's wet or windy, or there is a Met Office weather warning in place.  If there's an issue there will be an announcement on our Saturday Social Facebook page.

It doesn't matter what sort of bike you have.  A road bike is generally best but we have riders turn up on Mountain Bikes and shoppers.  The main thing is that your bike is roadworthy.  One thing we do insist on though - helmets are mandatory on all our club rides.  We want to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable ride.

You'll be able to say you 'earned your cake'.

Velo et Gateaux.