Members information


For those joining us for the first time, please remember the following:

Eat breakfast. Take a sports drink too, as your breakfast will only see you through the first hour. Some opt for two bottles, one energy and one electrolyte/hydration – it’s up to you. Snacks and energy gels are a good idea, but optional, in case you run out of steam.

Woking CC Clothing

Club kit is not compulsory but is positively encouraged.

Don’t rely on others to help you out in case you have a mechanical issue or flat tyre. Take a multi-tool, pump, spare inner tube and tyre levers as a minimum.  

Check your bike to make sure it’s roadworthy in advance of the ride, not on the day (Tyre wear/pressure, brakes, chain & gears lubed etc etc). Make sure your bike is fitted with tyres that are suitable for the type of ride you're undertaking eg. nobblies for off road MTB rides or slick for road rides.

The average speed depends on the group. Cycling in a group is more efficient and the average speed is naturally higher. There will be times where the speed is much higher on smooth flat roads but considerably lower in the Surrey Hills!

And lastly, Helmets are mandatory!

If you turn up without a helmet, you will not be able to ride with us.