We run a number of competitive events during the year.  We have Hill Climbs at the beginning and end of the season and a series of 10 Mile Time Trials during the summer months.  We've also run some virtual 10 Mile TT's on the Fuego Flats on Zwift.  

 We are affiliated to Cycling Time Trials and our racing programme is run under their rules and regulations.   

In addition members ride in competitive events run by other clubs and commercial sportives both in the UK and abroad.

Woking Cycling Club Time Trial

Woking CC Time Trials

For 2019 we set up a new 10 Mile TT course north of Chobham, CC281.  Riders are set off at one minute intervals from the start in Red Lion road and are timed to the finish near the Four Horseshoes on an anticlockwise route.

The races are normally run in the evenings, either side of midsummer's day, so that we can take advantage of the longer daylight hours.  In 2019 however the schedule was interrupted by roadworks on the course, meaning that the racing had to be rescheduled for Saturday mornings in September.  They were well attended by both male and female riders and, being a new course, new records were set; 23:03.7 for the men and 26:42.6 for the women.

Woking CC Hill Climbs

The Hill Climbs take place on a Sunday morning and after the event the competitors are able to go on a shorter ride to meet up with the rest of the Club at a nearby cafe.  The two events, in Spring and Autumn, were again well attended this year, 2019.

Our Hill Climb course, HHC033, starts near the Stoney Castle car park in Gapemouth Road, Pirbright.  Competitors ride to the finish up Tunnel Hill 1.6 km (1 mile) away while ascending 52 m.  Again they are set off at one minute intervals so they ride alone and unassisted.

Results for all our competitive events can be viewed online at Webscorer.

Woking Cycling Club Hill Climb

Woking Cycling Club Hill Climb