Sunday Club Rides

Our big club ride of the week is on Sunday mornings starting at 08:00 from the Woking Leisure Centre.  

We usually get between 40 and 60 riders and divide into manageable groups of similarly paced riders.  Speeds range from a social group at an average around 20 kph (12 mph) through to a fast group that might average 34 kph (20 mph).  Those are average speeds so that means we are cruising on the flat quite a bit faster than that.

We try to keep group sizes below 10 and each group is lead by one of our qualified ride leaders.  These rides are all non-drop so if someone is struggling on a hill we're happy to wait.

Destinations vary from week to week with rides between 60 and 80 km (37 to 50 miles).  We use cafes that can accommodate our groups and we go as far afield as Box Hill, Alice Holt, HIndhead, Odiham or Lasham, Rudgwick, Wokingham and, one of our favourites, Windsor, where we go once a month.

We ride in single file or two abreast whichever is more appropriate and safe.  Yes it's not illegal to ride two abreast and in certain circumstances it's recommended.  If you don't believe us click here and watch the video.