Photography & Social Media

The technologies of the internet and photography are merging into one and as a result it is now easy to take a digital photo on your phone camera and post it on a social media site (for example blogs, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).

Whilst we all want to share and enjoy our cycling experiences, we should also consider carefully before posting a photo or a comment. The image or posting may well be available to a much wider audience than we intended, where some might not have the best interests towards the people featured in the photographs. In some cases this could lead to cyber-bullying or “grooming” of children for illegal purposes.

Before publishing any photo our Coaches will obtain verbal permission from all parents at that session. We also ask that parents declare on the “Rider Information And Coaching Consent” form whether or not they agree for photos to be taken and shared on the Club’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

British Cycling provides the following advice for photography at events involving children or vulnerable adults:

  • Only take on the bike, action shots.
  • The visual content and captions should not identify the rider’s full identity or location.
  • Any person featured in a photograph should be suitably dressed and the photographs should focus on the activity rather than a full body shot.

In line with guidance from British Cycling, our Coaches and other Club Officers should not be in direct and personal contact with young people through any form of social networking, texting or email service.