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My name is Debbie Aldous and act as the Club Welfare Officer for Woking Cycling Club.

With the support of our fellow club members, grants from various organisations including British Cycling and Woking Borough Council, we have an excellent support system to run our new Go-Ride programme.

The role of Club Welfare Officer is to ensure that Woking Cycling Club meets its obligations towards safeguarding the young riders and vulnerable adults within our club.

We have range of policies in place aimed at preventing abuse to children and vulnerable adults. We need to be able to recognise the signs of possible abuse and to report it should we suspect it may be occurring.  It is not our responsibility  to decide if abuse is actually taking place. That will be the responsibility of professional social workers to investigate further.

Woking Cycling Club’s Welfare Policies:

If you have any questions regarding the policies please feel free to contact me by phone on 07854 289 841 or by e-mail debbie.aldous@outlook.com